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  1. When we view hardship as a kind of experience in life, when we view persistence as a way of life, and when we view enthusiasm as our belief in life, we can surely laugh at life and make new breakthroughs.


  2. Tomorrow's road must be tough even if it is difficult, and only those who dominate can create brilliance.


  3. I'm afraid of losing, so I never dare to give up.


  4. In the eyes of the strong, there is no best, only better.


  5. Fight for a year in spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and strive for a lifetime without complaint or regret.


  6. From morning to evening, you ask yourself what you have done all day? Maybe there will be more touches for the next day.


  7. Don't think you can settle down by building a city; Don't think you can reap by sowing seeds; Don't think you can conquer by climbing to the top; Don't think you're blocking someone's mouth. All you hear is praise.


  8. "I would rather run and be knocked down countless times than walk by the rules all my life.". Even if you fall, smile bravely.


  9. You are not strong, and no one is brave for you.


  10. I have been running on the fields of hope, although occasionally I stumble over disappointment.


  11. Every road is difficult to walk, but once you choose it, you must go on.


  12. Life is a kind of bearing that requires learning to support. Support your career, support your family, and even support the entire society. If you have support, you will definitely be able to bear it. How much weight you support, you will have to bear the pressure. In a sense, life itself is a kind of bearing.


  13. Facing the setbacks and tribulations in life's journey, we not only need to have courage, but also need to have strong beliefs.


  14. No matter what moment you are at, don't let yourself be too busy. Don't spend all your energy on work, let alone all your energy and willpower before work on eating, drinking, and having fun.


  15. People live a lifetime, there is no need to go for anyone, please anyone, live their own good, a hundred people have a hundred me in their mouth, and I am always me! I don't owe anyone, and I don't want to ingratiate myself with anyone! If you can handle it, you can handle it. If you can't handle it, you can disperse.


  16. "We must be a person who is willing to strive for a specific goal, that is, a house or a car. I want anyone to strive for this goal, not just sit back and enjoy it. Of course, the minimum principle of my struggle is that I strive but cannot harm others. Today, as long as you are willing to strive for this lipstick, for a car, and for a house, these struggles will lead you to success.".


  17. Only by sitting down lonely can one regain the clamor; Only when sorrow is exhausted can joy be seen again; Taste the bitterness all over, and it will naturally return to sweetness. Believe these, you can more calmly face the valleys of life and walk through the four seasons of wind and frost. The speaker is casual, but life is after all a long process. Every inch of time must be experienced by oneself, and every cup of rain and dew must be tasted by oneself.


  18. You can't take the responsibility for anyone. This is like a desert, and we can only adapt to it. Murakami Chunshu.


  19. The environment is never perfect. Negative people are controlled by the environment, while positive people control the environment.


  20. The fundamental difference between successful and mediocre people is whether they have goals or not.


  21. In life, many successes and failures, gains and losses, are not something we can all predict, and many things are not something we can afford. However, as long as we work hard to achieve a sense of calm after giving, what we receive is actually a kind of happiness.


  22. The road is self made; Opportunities are created by oneself. Success always belongs to those who have been running. The process is attentive, and the result follows fate. With hard work, you will succeed! "There is a path in the mountain of books, where diligence is the path, and there is no end to learning.".


  23. One plow, one harvest. "Look far with your eyes, and walk close with your feet.". In the eyes of the strong, there is no best, only better. Challenging competition, challenging pressure, and even more challenging yourself with time is everything.


  24. Hold onto the green mountain without letting go, standing rooted in the broken rock; Thousands of millstones are still strong, and the wind blows from east, west, north, and south.


  The slowest walker can walk faster than the aimless wanderer, as long as he does not lose his goal.


  26. The warmest flame, frozen in the depths of the most silent volcano.


  27. The road is chosen by oneself. If you regret it, you can only swallow it in your own stomach.


  28. When you can fly, don't give up flying. Don't give up dreaming when you can dream. Don't give up love when you can.


  29. Don't be afraid to suffer more while you are young. Only through these adversity and trials can you truly learn humility. Otherwise, your self-righteous intelligence and sense of superiority that belittles everything will sooner or later destroy you.


  30. How can one understand to rest without being exhausted to the extreme, and how can one find a way out without falling to the bottom.


  Opportunity is fair to everyone. When it is around us, it is not dressed in fancy clothes, but rather ordinary and inconspicuous. The seemingly dazzling opportunity is not an opportunity, but a trap; Real opportunities are initially simple, and only through initiative and diligence can they become particularly brilliant.


  32. The long vine climbs up against the support, and when it climbs not higher than the support, it peeps at another support.


  33. People who aspire to the top of the mountain will not covet the scenery on the mountainside.


  34. The process of a person's growth is like the process of a butterfly breaking its cocoon. In the painful struggle, the will is tempered, the strength is strengthened, the mind is improved, and life is sublimated in pain.


  35. Behind all success lies the persistence accumulated through hard work; The scenery in front of everyone is a foolish refusal to give up behind their backs. As long as you are willing and persistent, one day you will live as you like.


  36. Stand up wherever you fall. Anything that cannot defeat you will contribute to your growth.


  37. Harvest is the rain gauge of business; Gather every drop of sweat shed by the strivers.


  38. Never negatively believe that doing anything is impossible, as long as you think you can, try, try, try again, and eventually you will find that you can.


  Life is like a race. It doesn't matter whether you're the first to reach the finish line, but whether you've completed the entire race.


  The truly hardworking person will understand which is more important, talent or appearance.


  41. On the way to achieving your ideal, you must eliminate all distractions, especially the temptation to see clearly those beautiful things.


  42. You may not shine brilliantly, but you cannot stop emitting light yourself.


  43. Perhaps there is no failure, we can only see. Perhaps there is no small success, we can only wait. What is missing is not the future, but the current struggle and effort with the cry of life.


  44. A person's temperament always flows out of his speech and behavior. Elegance is not a matter of dressing up, but rather a condensation of experience; Indifference is not disguised, but the precipitation of life. You cannot determine your appearance, but you can improve your thinking, learning, and bearing. Time will make you old, and it can also make a beautiful soul more exciting. May the years carve out a better you.


  45. Asking the way won't lead to getting lost, and leaving a retreat won't lead to a dead end. Losing is not necessarily a failure, and success is not necessarily an achievement. You can escape reality, but you cannot escape life.


  46. Pose up and put away your worthless sick moans.


  47. Don't frown on the road you have identified, no matter how painful it is. You should know that no matter how difficult it is to walk, it is your own choice, and you are not entitled to cry out for pain.


  48. When you have nothing to lose anymore, it's when you begin to gain.


  49. Leaving with great fanfare is all a test, while leaving without saying goodbye is silent.


  Everyone can only be young once. This is the most evil place in life.

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