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  1. Instead of worrying about the future, it's better to work hard now. Only by striving can you feel secure.


  2. Conquer yourself, you can conquer everything.


  3. Swapping one apple for another still yields one apple, while exchanging one piece of information for another yields two pieces of information. The network has the principle of multiplication, and the exchange of information yields multiple benefits for both parties.


  4. Just be the first me, not the second who.


  5. There is an obstacle ahead, push it away with all your might, use your burning passion, and turn your heart's expectations. Blood is surging, and suffering and sweating are nothing.


  6. Strength and confidence are both a resilient and indestructible sword, and the ticket to success is determined by strength.


  7. If a small conversation is just a greeting, what's the difference between it and the monkey's call? In fact, the correct greeting must clearly show your concern for him in just one sentence.


  8. Don't hurt yourself for others, change yourself. You are the only you, the precious you, the proud you, the beautiful you. Be sure to love yourself well.


  9. When you fall, please tell yourself that you still have the life you want.


  10. The reason why the waterfall is spectacular is because it has no retreat. You can only keep moving forward, even if it's a cliff ahead.


  11. Believe in yourself, grasp the future, persist in striving to be a useful person.


  12. Because of struggle, we become stronger, and because of struggle, we learn to fight.


  13. It's your luck to have someone help you; No one helps you, it is a just fate. No one should do anything for you, because life is your own and you have to take responsibility for yourself.


  14. Success is not an accident. A low starting point does not necessarily mean a low ending point. A starting point cannot determine good or bad, nor can an exam determine a person's fate. Ultimately, it is your dreams and long-term unremitting efforts that determine your success.


  15. There are too many helplessness and helplessness in life, and only by constantly striving can we achieve happiness, confidence, and success.


  16. Eyes can be nearsighted, but vision cannot be short-sighted. Many things are won by not paying attention to them.


  17. Failure is not terrifying, it is a necessary path for every successful person. Only by treating failure correctly can we move towards success.


  18. Youth does not fail, confidence creates brilliance.


  19. A person who can see things from others' perspectives and understand their spiritual activities never has to worry about their own future.


  20. People can endure any hardship and adapt to any environment as long as they have a belief and pursuit. Ding Ling.


  When a small thought becomes an action, it can become a habit; Thus forming a personality, which determines the success or failure of your life.


  22. The direction against the wind is more suitable for flying vigorously.


  23. The environment will not change, the solution lies in changing oneself.


  24. If you fall, just get up. Although the past cannot be changed, the future can. The sun illuminates the path of life, and the moon illuminates the path of the soul. Gold always shines. The sword edge is sharpened, and the plum blossom fragrance is bitter from the bitter cold.


  25. Even the most hopeless thing, as long as a brave person perseveres in doing it, in the end, they will have hope.


  26. Perhaps I am not the best, but I am the most hardworking.


  27. Life is an ordinary thing, there are not so many legends.


  Youth means having a fearless spirit towards the future no matter how painful it may be, and never giving up hope for tomorrow no matter how difficult it may be.


  Whether you are happy or not depends entirely on yourself. Being content and happy is more important than anything else, after all, you need to bring warm sunshine to the people around you.


  No matter how hard or tired you are, as long as you persist in moving forward, your own scenery will eventually emerge.


  Life will always give you answers, but it won't tell you everything immediately. As long as you are willing to wait, the beauty of life always comes when you are not expecting it.


  32. As long as you stand up one more time than fall down, it is success. If the enemy makes you angry, it means you are not yet confident in winning. If you firmly believe that you are the best, then you are the smartest Regret is an emotion that enervates the spirit. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a greater mistake than mistake, so don't regret.


  33. People who do not believe in miracles will never create them. The secret of human growth is to constantly eliminate oneself and find the perfect path. Some people are just a flash in the pan in your life, but you are always there for them. Happiness is not because of having more, but because of caring less.


  34. Ambition does not come in age, reason does not come in loud voice; Intention is not in words, talent is not in use.


  35. Perhaps I am just a passer by in your life, but you will not meet a second me.


  36. Young, what hardships are we afraid of! You need to give whatever kind of life you want.


  37. Don't expect sudden good luck, just hope that all your efforts will eventually be rewarded. Take it lightly and work harder. No matter how life is, don't forget to smile. May you become your own sun, without relying on anyone's light.


  38. No matter where you go, encourage yourself and give yourself some affirmation. Don't always use those setbacks as painful complaints.


  39. Youth is a chip bestowed on us by God, whether we lose or win, you all have this one.


  As long as you don't confine yourself to the cage of your soul, no one can restrain you from flying high.


  41. If you are really willing to work hard, the worst outcome in your life is just a late bloomer.


  42. Only after experiencing countless desolation and loneliness can one encounter their own blooming flowers.


  43. We will encounter both prosperity and adversity. Behind all the hardships that torment you on the road to success lies the motivation that motivates you to strive for progress.


  44. Excluding sleep, a person's lifetime is only over 10000 days. The difference between people is whether you have truly lived for over ten thousand days, or have you only lived for one day and repeated it ten thousand times.


  45. First become excellent, then meet someone who doesn't need to be pleasing.


  46. You don't have to envy what others have, as long as you work hard, you will also have it.


  47. Keep your face facing the sunlight so that you won't see shadows.


  48. To be a person, one should learn to listen. Listening to the words of a wise person can inspire wisdom, and listening to criticism can reflect on oneself.


  49. I thought one day, I would completely forget love and you.


  People who lose money lose very little, those who lose health lose a lot, and those who lose courage lose everything.

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