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  1. Everyone is working hard and selflessly, not just you who have suffered all the grievances.


  2. From now on, I will actively accept everything, accept love, accept challenges, embrace life, and bravely accept anything.


  3. The big curtain on the stage of life may open at any time, and the key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid it.


  4. Only by taking on the hardships of the journey can we ultimately hold onto the rainbow sky.


  5. A pair of worn-out shoes, no matter how much they are repaired, can't find the path they once walked. Passing by is fate, staying is fate.


  6. The longest is hardship, the shortest is life.


  7. Every road is difficult to walk, but once you choose, you must go on.


  8. If confined to a single perspective and evaluation, it is difficult to appreciate the colorful nature of life.


  9. The difficulties of life are like the endless river. Although there is a desire to go east to the sea, the process is slow and the journey is difficult. However, there is always a time when rivers and rivers enter the sea, and the aspirations of life are often difficult to achieve, which makes people hold grudges for life.


  10. Don't be idle, the young man's head is white, empty and sorrowful.


  11. Difficulties are temporary bridges for wavers and cowards to fall behind and turn back; But it is also a stepping stone for the brave to advance. Emerson.


  12. The problem is midwives, which can help with the birth of new ideas. Socrates.


  13. Life is sweet after tasting all its flavors. Sometimes, we do wrong things because when we should use our brains, we use our emotions. Happiness is finding a warm person to live your life with; And I am still waiting for you in the same place, but you have forgotten that you have come here before; Love is so short, forgetting is so long.


  14. Only those who constantly seek opportunities will seize them in a timely manner.


  15. When you feel frustrated and low in energy, others may feel that you cannot entrust it to someone who is not confident.


  16. Success follows a probability distribution, and the key is whether you can persist until the moment when success begins to appear.


  17. As long as you are determined to succeed, failure will never defeat you.


  18. The reason why we live tired is because we think too much and can give up too little.


  19. Tell yourself once a day: I'm really good.


  20. Life is too short, giving up today may not necessarily lead to getting tomorrow.


  21. Pride and complacency are a terrible trap for us; Moreover, this trap was dug by ourselves.


  22. We cannot make everyone like us, we can only make those who like us not disappointed.


  23. Youth is a radiance that can bring infinite passion, motivation, and creativity to people. Learn to be grateful, learn to give, learn to tolerate, learn to take responsibility, and success will always belong to you! I hope everyone can use their youth to achieve their dreams.


  24. Time cannot go back, so we have to move forward.


  A person who can think is truly a person with boundless power. Balzac.


  26. Strong confidence can overcome demons from within and generate invincible courage.


  27. All sadness is the past, and as time slowly settles, you will find that your happiness is much greater than you imagine.


  What matters is not whether others will choose you to win, but whether you acknowledge your own efforts.


  Education represents the past, financial resources represent the present, and learning ability represents the future.


  Laziness, like rust, consumes the body more than labor.


  Life is very tiring. If you are not tired now, you will be even more tired in the future. Life is very bitter. If you don't suffer now, you will suffer even more in the future.


  32. The process of a person's growth is like the process of a butterfly breaking its cocoon. In the painful struggle, the will is exercised, the strength is strengthened, the mind is improved, and life is sublimated in pain.


  33. Don't let the future of you dislike the present self.


  34. I am not a lamb to be whipped, I am a fierce lion and do not associate with sheep.


  35. A hero's career must contain hardships, and without them, he would not have become a hero.


  36. We cannot choose fate, but we can change it.


  Life is like surfing, experiencing an upward trend in adversity. Life is like a long voyage, yearning for a blue sky amidst uncertainty.


  Ambition is a great fantasy of living and a magnificent goal that must be achieved. In this world, as long as you dare not think or do anything, there is nothing that cannot be done! Your ambition is as great as your future.


  If all the goals you have set for yourself have been achieved, then it means that the goals you have set are not ambitious enough.


  40. If the heart is strong, the world becomes small. If the heart is small, the world becomes large.


  41. Time will bite, and if you don't leave, you will be covered in scars. Why care about how long it takes to walk while recognizing this path.


  42. Time is gold when caught, and flowing water when wasted; Books, reading is knowledge, not reading is waste paper; Ideals are only dreams after hard work, but giving up on them is just a delusion.


  43. Only by being brave enough to start can we find the path to success.


  44. Don't be afraid to stand alone. You can cry all the way, but you can't be discouraged.


  45. Sadness is not scary, what's scary is being immersed in it until you suffocate.


  46. Only when you meet many people will you understand which ones are worth cherishing with your life, while some people are only suitable for taking a detour.


  47. I cried and laughed, telling everything about me, but in the end, you still don't understand.


  48. As long as you are willing to work hard and dream of reaching the place, one day your footsteps will also arrive.


  49. Don't forget to smile even when you're upset, and pay attention to your tone even when you're in a hurry.


  50. Don't get tired of love anymore, living is like a lottery ticket.

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