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  1. I firmly believe that the first dawn after failure is a new beginning to strive for victory.


  2. Sometimes, God doesn't give you what you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve something better.


  3. The tears of the past were just for us to learn how to distinguish.


  4. Diligence is the code of your life, which can translate into a magnificent epic.


  5. Don't think about what you don't want, otherwise you will definitely get it; Think about what you want, so you will also get it. In fact, in life, one should always pay attention to what they want, rather than always paying attention to what they fear.


  6. Be kind to others, empathize with others, love life, and strive to live.


  7. The peak only has true meaning for those who climb it, not those who look up at it.


  8. The true strength is not a person without tears, but a person running with tears in their eyes.


  9. Surviving this difficult time, I believe that after enduring the bad days, the rest is good luck.


  10. Life is about picking up and letting go. Life is about forgetting and cherishing. To have happiness, one must learn to be content, and to always be happy, one must learn to be simple.


  11. Cherish all experiences, and in time, everyone will receive fair growth and treatment.


  12. It is better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books, to travel thousands of miles than to read countless people, and to read countless people than to be guided by famous teachers.


  13. Raising one's head in adversity is a form of perseverance, while lowering one's head in prosperity is a form of calmness; Raising one's head when in a low position is a form of backbone, while lowering one's head when in a high position is a form of humility; Looking up when feeling down is a form of confidence, and looking down when feeling justified is a form of tolerance.


  14. In an inexplicable world, struggle is the way.


  15. The reason why a stream can reach the sea is because when it encounters obstacles, it knows how to turn and take a detour. When it cannot go around for a while, it knows how to calm down, slowly accumulate strength, slowly improve itself, and finally overcome obstacles to continue moving forward until it reaches the distant sea. Life needs to reach the sea of dreams, and it also needs to be like a stream, possessing that wisdom, resilience, and persistence.


  16. The past is memories, the present is hard work, and the future is goals.


  17. The heights that great men reach and maintain are not achieved by flying, but by climbing up step by step with great difficulty while their companions are all asleep.


  18. Never stop smiling, even when you're sad, maybe one day someone will fall in love with your smile.


  19. The growth of life requires eating, suffering, and suffering.


  20. Since time is the most precious treasure, it is important to cherish it and use it wisely. How to spend time wisely is just as important as planning for spending money. After spending money, you can earn more, but after spending time, you cannot regenerate. Therefore, it is even more important to make good use of your time.


  21. First, open the fishing net so that the fish can find the entrance to the fishing net.


  22. The fundamental difference between successful and mediocre individuals is whether there is a goal or not.


  23. Don't think why some people's grades are so unfair, sometimes it's really their efforts that you can't achieve. Don't think it's unfair that some people can do it without pressure, they just dare not care about the college entrance examination and you can't do it. Don't think that trying too hard is not very effective, the method is natural and the feeling is that every mood is the reason.


  24. Stocks may rise and fall, but stocks marked with confidence will keep you up and down forever.


  25. In life, there is always no ifs. Life is unpredictable, I don't want to say who is right and who is wrong. Just want to say, cherish when you have it.


  26. Hold onto the green mountain without relaxing, and stand rooted in the broken rock; Even after thousands of grinding and hitting, it is still strong, as the wind blows from east, west, north, and south.


  27. Persisting in doing simple things well is not simple, and persisting in doing ordinary things well is extraordinary. The so-called success is to make extraordinary perseverance in the ordinary.


  The cultivation of good habits lies in not being tempted by bad habits.


  29. The fiercest flame, frozen deep in the silent volcano.


  30. The spring water in the mountain stream goes through twists and turns before singing a beautiful song. The waterfall only becomes particularly magnificent when it crosses steep cliffs. Kiss only the footsteps of climbers through the road in the clouds.


  31. The road is chosen by oneself, and if you regret it, you can only swallow it in your own stomach.


  32. Laziness, like rust, can consume the body more than labor; The frequently used key always shines brightly.


  33. Ambitious goals are very important, and one must have the ambition to succeed, and the bigger the better.


  34. Kiss only the footsteps of climbers through the road in the clouds. Those who dare to declare war on the darkness must be filled with light in their hearts. Pride is a kite with broken wires, fleeting; Inferiority complex is a bird with wings cut off, difficult to ascend to the blue sky. Both of these are taboos for success.


  35. Only with struggle can progress be made, only with struggle can results be achieved, and only with struggle can success be achieved.


  Even if the whole world denies me, I still believe in myself.


  37. Everyone has many dreams in their lifetime, but if one of them keeps bothering you, the rest is just action.


  38. Strong people are not without tears, they can just run forward with tears in their eyes.


  39. Failure arises from neglecting details, while success begins with valuing small things. The warmth of life depends on the temperature of the soul. The saddest thing about a person is that they cannot defeat themselves. Diligence can make up for the shortcomings of intelligence, but intelligence cannot make up for the shortcomings of laziness.


  There are too many forks on the road, and disagreements are inevitable. Not every road we walk will lead us to the expected destination. Many beautiful scenery will always be missed in the moment we turn around. But we should cherish time, not long sigh to reminisce about that lost scenery, but rather see the dawn light on the road ahead, which is nothing compared to a momentary dark attack! Our hearts need to glide effortlessly like never before, living in pursuit is much better than living in memories.


  41. After a night of hard work, the street lamp truly received the comfort of the first ray of morning light.


  The best gift is advice, and the best cultivation is forgiveness.


  43. You must do your best to protect your dreams. Those who mock your dreams are bound to fail, they want to turn you into someone like them. You must firmly believe that as long as you have a dream in your heart, you will be different.


  Embrace your dreams, spread your wings and soar. One day, we will shine and let time remember our growth.


  45. You can do everything, but the premise is that you won't be sad about the outcome. A person's strength is not determined by what they can do, but by what they can bear.


  46. After completing simple tasks, make one small step forward each time; The difficult task has been completed, and each time we make a big step forward. Whether it's a small step or a big one, it's progress.


  Bravely facing adversity, even if one cannot achieve their initial dream, will open another door to their dreams.


  48. Don't give up easily in life. In the long journey of life, no one can be smooth sailing, and no one can avoid experiencing setbacks and setbacks. People who have been tempered by setbacks are always more tenacious, mature, and brave, and can see success within reach, which means we are one step closer to success. Suffering setbacks not only accumulates experience in life, but also continuously elevates one's life.


  49. When facing pressure, instead of telling yourself "I can't do it" and surrendering before fighting, it's better to tell yourself "I can give it a try". Although one may not necessarily win the trophy of victory, one can gain more valuable and priceless rewards through experience.


  50. If you can't change in this society, you have to adapt, and if you can't adapt, you have to be eliminated! This is called survival of the fittest.

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